The GIJ-SRC is a student body mandated primarily to seek the welfare of students by making the interest of the Students paramount and also running the day to day affairs of students of the university.

With its main operational headquarters in Accra, the GIJ SRC comprises of three main arms namely, The Executive, General Assembly and the Judicial Committee, however, the following organs also forms part of the GIJ SRC as prescribed by the Constitution namely, Hall executives, Clubs and society executives and the general student body.


The operational model of the GIJ SRC is deeply steeped in strategically facilitating communication between the management of the school, and the students using various media channels.

We strive to be committed to the students we are privileged to serve, in our alumni association, our dedicated, talented faculty and staff. We also take pride in having the most active and helpful group of partners, visionary parents, well-wishers, alumni and friends.
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The executive of the GIJ SRC is the administrative arm of the SRC. It is responsibly for the implementation of policies, programs and events approved by the General Assembly.


The seven-member committee comprises the President, The Vice President, The General Secretary, The Financial Secretary, The Organizing Secretary, The Women’s Commissioner, and The external Affairs commissioner. 


The President of the SRC is the representative of the undergraduate student body on the school’s management council; he is by law the chief spokesperson of the student body. Powers of the executive committee of the GIJ SRC is vested in the office of the President; he also doubles as the Chairman of all executive committee meetings and also the Commander-in-Chief of the GIJ SRC army cadet.

As part of his duties as the President, he ensures the effective administration of the SRC office and together with other members of the committee presents programs, events and budgetary allocations to the General Assembly for approval. The President of the GIJ SRC is elected through a simple majority vote organized every year by the GIJ SRC’s electoral commission.


 The Vice President of the GIJ SRC is also a mandated member of the Executive committee. In the absence of the President, the Vice President is responsible for running of the office and all duties assigned to the president by the students of the university through its constitution. The Vice President of the GIJ SRC is together with the President voted into office by a simple majority vote organized annually by the GIJ SRC’s electoral commission.



The duties of the office of the general secretary include the maintaining and recording of minutes of executive committee meetings, drafting and publication of all SRC correspondence and communications and perform any other function delegated to the office by the President


The financial secretary of the GIJ SRC is the treasurer and chief accountant of the GIJ SRC. The office of the financial secretary superintends over all financial matters with approval from General Assembly. The office is in charge of drafting budgets and financial statements of the executive committee for the consideration and approval of the legislative arm of the GIJ SRC.


Specifically, the office of the women’s commissioner is in charge of the welfare and issues concerning female students of the university. In this regard, she formulates policies, ideas and programs that will inure to the benefits of the female students of the university. As the head of the women’s commission, she superintends over all meetings of the women’s commission


The office of the external affairs commissioner can be likened to what other institutions call the local NUGS and GUPS President. The commissioner of this office oversees the activities of the external affairs commission which comprises of a representative from various classes.

This office is in charge of correspondence between the general public and the members of the GIJ SRC. As the GIJ SRC is a member of the most students union, the external affairs commissioner represents GIJ SRC at all meetings of the various student group the SRC belongs to.


The office of the organizing secretary is the office responsible for most of the legwork of the SRC. Its core mandate is to implement and evaluate approved programs by the SRC. The office of the organizing secretary is also responsible for coordinating the activities of the SRC.


As the legislative arm of the SRC, The GIJ SRC General Assembly is responsible for approving projects, levies programs, events as proposed by the executive committee.

The constitution of the general assembly includes the leadership and the members. The leadership of the General Assembly includes The Speaker, The Deputy Speaker, the clerk, the deputy clerk, whips and the defendant-general. Whiles the members of the general assembly comprises of elected representatives from various classes, hall president, and representatives of the various ratified clubs and societies.

The general assembly of the GIJ SRC as part of fulfilling its constitutionally required mandates forms committees that serve as a check on the executive body. Some of the committees formed by the General Assembly of the GIJ SRC to facilitate its work are the Appointments Committee, Finance Committee, Planning Committee, Audit Committee, Transport Committee and any Adhoc committee set up to fulfil a specific purpose.


The judicial committee is the judicial arm of the GIJ SRC. The committee is made of independent-minded, results-oriented judges selected from various classes of the university.

It has a sole mandate of adjudicating disputes and interpreting the laws of the GIJ SRC constitution. The Chief Justice of the judicial committee is the leader of the bench and selects panel members to sit in the adjudication of cases.


Four non-residential halls are part of the GIJ SRC and are also represented by their presidents in the General Assembly. The four non-residential halls of the GIJ SRC Yaa Asantewaa Hall, Mandela Hall, Efua Sutherland Hall, and  Osagyefo Hall.

These halls help in the facilitation of the welfare of students via the organization of development-driven programs that will enrich the knowledge and expertise of students.



 Yaa Asantewaa hall is the only female hall amongst the four halls of the GIJ SRC. With a population of over 1500 students, has won many competitions organized by the GIJ SRC and is led by an Obaahemaa. The hall takes the inspiration for its name from the famous Ashanti Queen mother of Ejisu, Nana Yaa Asantewaa who led the wall to redeem the golden stool from the British which also influenced the slogan used by the members of Club, “Mbaa Akukrudufo”. The colours that represent the hall are white and red.

Yaa Asantewaa hall’s biggest alley is their male counterpart Osagyefo Hall


Taking inspiration from former freedom fighter and presidents of South Africa, Mandela hall is one of the two mixed halls on campus. Members of Mandela prides themselves with the slogan Ubuntu to wit “ I am because we are” signifying unity and the need for humanity.

It is one of the vibrant clubs on campus with blue-black and white, Mandela has organized many successful programs that have benefited not just its hall members but also the general student public.


Named after the first President Ghana Osagyefo Dr Kwame Nkrumah, Osagyefo hall is the only male hall on campus. Osagyefo is led by Chief Royal who runs the day to day activity of the hall and represents the hall at General Assembly meetings. The hall is one of the most decorated halls on campus in terms of awards. In terms of the growth and the development of its members the hall has also organized many results-oriented seminars and conferences. The colours of the hall, which signifies the blood, and toil of our fathers like Osagyefo Kwame Nkrumah are red and black.


The Efua Sutherland hall is named after one of Ghana’s greatest educationalist and author, Efua Theodora Sutherland. The club is also one of the most decorated clubs on campus as it won the 2021 SRC Inter halls debate. The main colours of the hall are Green and white.



Radio GIJ is the only Campus based radio station with 97.7 megahertz as its frequency. The station prides itself as the training platform for student journalist who wants to ply their trade in the area of broadcast journalist hence its motto, the learning curve.

The station has over 30 volunteers who produce various shows and programs with its morning show THE MORNING DEW as its flagship program. Though the reason for its establishment was to be a learning platform for practical experience for students, Radio GIJ also serves as a medium to disseminate information on campus. Some alumni volunteers of the Radio GIJ includes Ridwan Karim Osman, Eric Mawuena Egbeta and Jona Eledi.

The Radio station also has an online news portal where volunteers write news articles for the consumption of the public. The studio is managed by SRC in collaboration with the Faculty of Journalism of the University.







The newest addition to the facilities of the GIJ SRC is the STN studio. The GIJ SRC in the quest to enhance hands-on training for students in the areas of Tv production, video recording and editing, a TV studio was set up in this regard. The STN Tv serves as one of the platforms for students to train and acquire practical skills and knowledge like tv presenting, camera handling and video editing.


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