SPEAKER – The 14th General Assembly of the GIJ-SRC pursuant to article 12 of the GIJ Constitution is headed by Right Honourable Speaker Dennis Attuquayefio. Dennis Attuquayefio is currently a level 400 student, offering B.A Communication (Journalism option). Prior to his nomination and appointment, he served as the Deputy Speaker of the 13th General Assembly, under the able leadership of Right Honourable Speaker Naa Ninche. 

Dennis has served as a member of the General Assembly since Level 100 representing his constituents and serving on the Planning Committee, Appointment Committee, and Vetting Committee of the house. Dennis Attuquayefio is committed to the student body and ensures his values of integrity and commitment are adhered to.


In conformity to Article 14 of the GIJ_SRC constitution, the Executive Council of the GIJ_SRC under the 14th General Assembly is deputized by Ms. Abena Prempreh, currently a level 300 top-up student of the institution, offering B.A in communication, Public relations option.

Before her nomination and appointment, she served as secretary of the interim GIJ administration 2019/2020. She also served on the Women’s Commissioner committee (2020/2021 academic year) as a sponsorship coordinator. She has since been dedicated to other SRC-related offices to ensure students’ welfare.

She has on many occasions proven her dedication and commitment to student issues and ensures she renders her utmost commitment to which ever office she finds herself in.

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