Mandela Hall is a traditional hall of the Students' Representative Council (SRC), established by the constitution of the Ghana Institute of Journalism Students' Representative Council (GIJ-SRC) to be responsible for improving the quality of student life, increasing student learning, and building community among students. It was named after the iconic Nelson Mandela, an anti-apartheid revolutionist, a political leader a peace activist, a great man who has made significant strides in South Africa and Africa at large. The hall’s slogan “Ubuntu” is Nguni parlance in Southern Africa. It has become an African concept that believes that we are human only through humanity. It basically means “Humanity” and is sometimes translated as “I am because you are”. Our logo is nicely designed with the traditional colours (Blue-black & White) of the hall and it is mainly dominated by the adinkra symbol “Nkonsonkonson” which Symbolizes interdependence, brotherhood and cooperation. The logo reminds us of our principles and continues to urge us to be a strong unified front that will uphold the ideologies and moralities of our icon, Nelson


The hall’s core mandate is to devise strategic mechanisms to promote peace and foster unity amongst Africans and to uphold and celebrate the hero Nelson Mandela for his earnest civil rights advocacy and dedication in fighting for equality, against racial discrimination, social justice, and freedom of South Africa in the era of the apartheid.


One of the core objectives of the hall is to focus and assess the diversity in the
African art, culture and heritage as a catalyst for the development and integration
among students of the institute through the maximization of various talents.

Nelson Mandela explained Ubuntu as follows: A traveller through a country would
stop at a village and didn’t have to ask for food or water. Once he stops, the people
give him food and attend to him. That is one aspect of Ubuntu, but it will have
various aspects. 
The hall over the years has been very insistent on the promotion of peace with its
various activities. It is also keen on employing diverse ways to bring members
together through entertainment, education, socialization etc.



Sefa Sedofia


Golda Korda

General Secretary

Alice George

Financial Secretary

Obed King Gaglo

Organizing Secretary

Daniel Kwame Zah (Sefashi)

Public Relations Officer

Michael Asante

Media Coordinator

Joseph Mawuli Tibu


The Ubuntu Night of Art & Fashion is the main traditional event of the hall which is rolled out every year. The Ubuntu Night is a night of pure African creativity;

Fashion, Art, Music and Dance, and Talents to celebrate and unearth ingenuity amongst the hall members primarily and the entire student populace.

The event projects South African art and fashion where hall members display the rich South African culture through modelling, dancing, singing, poetry and other performances.

On the same night, Mr. & Miss. Ubuntu are crowned after a fierce competition among ten participants who must prove their dexterity on the South African culture, as well as impress the judges with their elegance and smartness on Nelson Mandela’s historical background.

It also appeals to the vast alumni of the institute due to the strong ties with the hall, and the cultural diversified activities honed in the celebration.

The hall has engaged in other fun and educative activities in the past like media tours, boot camps, trainings, night parties, donations etc. The members of the hall have been actively involved in SRC activities and have played major roles in contests like Inter-debate competitions, Mr. and Miss. Akwaaba, Face of GIJ etc. In 2018, a Mandela Hall member emerged as the ‘Face of GIJ’ pageantry. In the same year, the Mr. and MissAkwaaba crown winners were all proud members of the hall.



In 2017 and 2018, the hall was adjudged the best hall at the GIJ Eminence Awards

due to its hard-earned efforts to organize both educative and entertaining events

which have had telling impacts on the student populace of the institution.

For students looking for a hall that embraces both educative and entertaining

concepts, Mandela Hall is the place to be.


The hall has seven executive positions who are occupied by good-standing members either by voting or appointment.

The executive committee is led by the President with support from the Vice President, General Secretary, Financial Secretary, Organizing Secretary, Public Relations Officer and the Media Coordinator

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